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Westcoast Separations offer a range of analytical and purification services to both support and extend the in-house capabilities of our partners and customers. As a contract research organization and purification partner, we provide solutions to fit in with your business.

Our services include:

  • Providing services to ease bottlenecks
  • Becoming your 'outsourced in-house' separations laboratory
  • Providing solutions when in-house goals are not being met
  • Supplementing in-house method development with extensive screening of our column library and use of both HPLC and SFC
  • Reducing the requirement for capital expenditure

With SFC and HPLC analytical and preparative technologies we offer many services ranging from method development to single sample analysis to achiral purification and chiral separations of compounds up to hundreds of grams. In spending many years in discovery and development labs, we understand that a rapid turnaround time is essential for a successful R&D program and accordingly with our diversified selection of stationary phases and automated instrumentation we will provide you with analytical results within hours and purified material within days, not weeks.

  • Analysis


    With our extensive range of library of columns, chiral stationary phases, automated column and solvent selection valves we will screen a minimum 50 chiral…

  • Purifications


    At Westcoast Separations, we have the capacity to purify on a scale from milligram to multi-gram scale. Services include: Purification of chiral and achiral…